Digital Automated Expedition

The OEBY digital platform gives you complete process control. Real-time information on the OEBY customer portal gives you full visibility and control over your supply chain at any time of the day.
Artificial Intelligence

Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to plan rides as efficient as possible.
The location of freights and trucks are continuous monitored to see if there are loads nearby that can be combined with the actual ride.
All space available in the trailer will be used as much as possible.


Research proofed that 70% of all tasks in the transportation sector are manually administration tasks. OEBY does everything completely automated and without errors.
This saves many time for the consignee and the carrier.

Everything automatic

The entire process of booking, planning, loading, transporting, unloading and all associated administrative and financial handling is fully automated by OEBY. As an entrepreneur you no longer have to worry about this and can fully focus your attention on your company itself.

OEBY takes care of it!

Driver app

The OEBY driver app enables drivers to find a new freight as close to the drivers location as possible. This works as follows.

Step 1 – The driver makes it known in the OEBY driver app that he or she is available for a new transport.

Step 2 – Within a few moments, the driver will receive a new loading address in his or her app.

Step 3 – The driver accepts the order and is on his way to the new loading address.

OEBY is the solution for staff shortages and stationary means of transport.

Customer portal

In our customer portal you will find the following automated real-time information:

– The location of your shipments

– The status of your shipments

– All necessary documents

– All invoices